Pork and fennel ragout

This month we made a fun special, pork and fennel ragout with a summer corn succotash. Fennel is abundant this time of year and uniquely pairs with pork and red wine. Stewed low and slow for over a half hour, this ragout gets served with a corn succotash. Corn, zucchini, pearl onions sourced from local…

Zucchini “lasagna” rolls

Hello Readers and Happy Monday, I have for you a recipe inspired from a restaurant I used to work for. Slightly time consuming in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it you can whip these out pretty quickly. Great as a meal or as a pull apart party app ( whenever we…


Hello Readers and Happy Monday, This was a special for our meal prep customers last month and they loved it! Classic chocolate chip cookies with chewy centers and crispy edges. Keeping this recipe for myself this time readers. Until next time!

Tray Bake

Hello Readers, and happy Monday! Today we are making our lives simple with sheet tray bakes. This is a default dinner setting for me especially on those lazy days where I don’t feel like doing anything ( cue Bruno Mars song ). I take frozen mixed vegetables, if I feel like chopping up some potatoes…

3 for $30

Want to explore our meal prep service? Let us make dinner for you. For $30 you will receive 3 meals on our next delivery date! Meals will include our pesto chicken ( on the bottom left), linguine and scallops, and a ratatouille ( bottom right).

Fresh Pesto

Hello Readers, and happy Monday! Today I wanted to talk to you about fresh pesto. It is delicious, bright green ( my favorite color) and an automatic flavor booster. If you are looking for a way to elevate your routine dishes there are many ways pesto can help you. I use it as a marinade…

Tell us what you want

Hello Readers, With us being half way through 2020 ( can you believe it!!) We wanted to ask you, what are you favorite type of posts we create? We want to give you more, of what you want! Let us know below. Until next time, Mayari

Lights, Camera, Action..

Personal view and expression of what is happening in America. Lights.. Here in the USA, Covid -19 has given us a rare opportunity. The opportunity to accept and, work through with, our fellow humans on the injustices minorities face. Particularly, minorities whose skin color is on a sliding scale of golden tan to black coffee….

Summer Menu!

Our summer menu is here! Hello readers, and Happy June! We have released our summer menu and are very excited to be able to source from local farms and business. We have consciously created our menu to highlight local produce and give you healthy, nutrient full meals. If you would like to receive our menu…