Amish jams at the farmers market!
Nutella hot chocolate! ummm YES every morning!


This is an amazing truck turned into a store on wheels. Showcases beautiful clothes from all the 50’s through the 90’s. If you are in the Philly area check her out!
Recent trip to Philadelphia PA



polish beer
Yummy, malty beer from Poland.


Cacti from the same farm!
Beautiful succulents from a local farm in Northborough





angry orchard
This angry orchard rose cider makes me very happy! It’s light fruity and floral!
York, England
I am amazed still at how sturdy and solid architecture is from hundreds of years ago, yet buildings built today fall down so easily. This is an image from York, England.
cherry tomato
Beautiful, lush cherry tomatoes reminding me that the sun is on its way again!
British beer, had this in a bar in York, England
a positive way to look at whatever is troubling you today


Theakston beer and a fire perfect way to spend a cold afternoon
Missing England very much and its great beer! The tour was amazing and I cannot wait to go back one day!
“Do not lower your standards for a team that is not willing to grow”-Dani Johnson. This photo was taken on the way to Nevada!

Edinburgh Scotland, climbing King Arthur’s Chair!

vegas2017 view
Vegas Tower!
mini distilling equipment
Sin City Brewing, had an amazing Irish stout that was bold, thick and balanced with the perfect amount of hops.

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  1. Victoria says:

    This is so dope ! Congratulations miss.

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