Pass me the Patty Pan

Hello Readers and happy Wednesday!

Have you ever heard of patty pan squash? (Pause here to say that 10x as fast as you can) I did not until a very recent /amazing event with a local farm (more on that next time). Patty pan squash is a summertime variety known for its funky shape and is being harvested now in New England.

When ripe, the patty pan has a stronger squash flavor than the common green and yellow zucchini. When roasted, baked, or sauteed the squash does releases a lot of water, so when you are cooking it, make sure you add extra seasoning as it will get watered down by all the natural juice it releases.

If you are thinking about stuffing and roasting the patty pan ( highly recommended by the way) it will only take about 15 to 20 mins if hollowed out at 400F.

Recently I baked the patty pan with red apples, cumin, paprika, salt pepper and olive oil, it came out really yummy! But as I mentioned before make sure you add extra seasoning as it releases tons of liquid!

Comment below if you cook with patty pan this week!

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4 thoughts on “Pass me the Patty Pan

  1. Sounds yummy. Wonder if it would be good as part of a stuffing combo in a chicken or something else that you might stuff (with other ingredients, too).

    1. Most definetly! I have stuffed the patty pan with ratatouille and also it would be great to stuff with any meats, (even ground meats) with rice or quinoa! I’ll be posting the stuffed patty pan ratatouille in the upcomming weeks!

      1. If I was to put in nuts, would they be ruined because of the high water content?

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