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Personal view and expression of what is happening in America.


Here in the USA, Covid -19 has given us a rare opportunity. The opportunity to accept and, work through with, our fellow humans on the injustices minorities face. Particularly, minorities whose skin color is on a sliding scale of golden tan to black coffee. For a long time, those of us blessed with melanin have been the largest target of societal injustices in the modern era. Now, let me be clear, I am no expert, or history major; I will also not sit here and write for you an essay explaining when racism began, who was the first slave and why these things are bad. Racism is wrong. You know it is. I know it is. Your neighbor knows it is wrong. And yet…when the evidence of a group of humans, treating another group of humans as if there are anything less than is presented to the public, a fight begins. And not a fight between the ill treated and the guilty party. No, a fight through computer screens as to whether or not this CLEAR evidence is important enough to shed light on. To get it’s moment in the sun.

Excuse me sir does video number 1 million prove to you that we should not be treated this way? Did you feel bad enough this time? Should I continue to collect more data?

Covid-19 has proven to us that no matter how much data, and analysis we provide there will always be a group of people who are unwilling to believe it. The light on the issue will always be dull to those wearing sunglasses.


So now we are protesting.Did you know that the definition of protest is ” a solemn declaration of opinion and usually of dissent”. In observation I see that protesting is doing an amazing job of taking the light covid-19 has given us and capturing the peaceful and respectful disagreement of the injustice persisting through out the U.S today. I find the ongoing protests have swept the nation in a polarizing way. Some of our friends and family have shown us that they stand with us regardless of the consequences, a true demonstration of the unconditional love we all need in our lives. Others have made it clear that for them justice is a case by case matter, you know the one bad apple people. Well I feel obligated to inform you, there is no such thing as one bad apple. You see, a bad apple has mold, a fungus that spreads on to nearby organic matter and once that mold spreads you have indeed ruined the entire bunch of apples. In our case the fungus has spread to the apple tree. If we do not remove the fungus infested trees from our orchard we will not have any more apples, no more food. So what can we do now that we have the attention and spotlight in place for real change to be made? How do we effectively remove the “bad apples”?


Well like I have stated before I am not an expert, politician; I did not study sociology or frankly, read my constitutional rights since elementary school.

I am a woman living in America using every tool at my disposal to ensure my voice is heard. I make my dollars count by supporting local business as best I can. I research before I vote and choose the candidate who best represents me and my concerns. I treat every person I meet with the same respect I give myself.

There are many things one can do and countless ways to go about creating lasting change in a real way.

My suggestion for action..just take one step and stick to it. I do not mean social media ( sorry retweets and likes do not count this time), I mean a real step.

What step will you take?

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