First week of Tentatively Vegetarian

Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

So..first week of vegetarian eating went very well I am happy to say!

Went a little off script in terms of sticking to the august calendar I had made previously, however it was easy and simple. I was satisfied wit the portion sizes and felt even tempered. I did not experience fatigue or the typical hangry-ness that I usually do when it is time for me too eat. So I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Right now finding fresh vegetables and great fruits is easy since most of my favorite things like zucchini squash and tomatoes are in season. I realize this makes the process much easier and am interested to see how it will change once we move to the cooler months.

Over all my first week went very well! This week will be week one of eating meat again and I will tell you all about it next week!

Below are some photos from two of this weeks dishes. A red wine braised vegetable and bean stew on the right and a cold bulgur salad on the left. You can find the recipes on Pinterest!

OK readers,

Thanks for hanging out today. I will be back next week to compare week 1 of vegetarian eating vs week one of meat eating. Until next time, Cheers!

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