the off week

Hello Readers,

Last week was our first “off” week of the vegetarian diet and there are many things I have noticed and wanted to share..

  1. Energy levels- after the first 2 days I noticed that I needed to snack more to keep my focus and energy levels up during the day.
  2. I was eating more in general- I found that I was getting seconds on dinner a week. ( not sure if this was more of a mental thing..)
  3. Less motivated during exercise- I noticed I worked out less and was not putting a ton of effort into my works by day 4.

These types of issues are what we talk about in the tentatively vegetarian group along with a meal calendar, a shopping list, videos for every week until Halloween! If you are interested in joining us for the remainder of the course reach out via the contact page or sign up below!

Tentativley Vegetarian


Thank you all for reading! Next week we will be back with a more fun food post!

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