Early Holiday Planner Part 1

Happy Monday!

Have you already started thinking about the holiday season? Are you already stressed planning out Thanksgiving dinner? Let us help you!

Our 3rd annual Thanksgiving Side dish sale begins October 26, 2020 to give you plenty of time to focus on your turkey, table setting and guest list.

Now if you plan on cooking yourself let me give you some pointers!

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  1. Make your dessert early. If you are making a pie or cake. you can create it, bake it and freeze it. It will last a week in your freezer and as long as you wrap it in plastic wrap, it won’t pick up any weird freezer smells. Bring it out of the freezer an hour before you sit down to eat and it will be perfect!
  2. Mashed potatoes (white, yellow, or sweet) Boil your potatoes Tuesday or Wednesday. wrap them up good in plastic wrap. On Thanksgiving day, all you need to do is heat up your coconut milk or heavy cream add your potatoes and salt and pepper, mash them in the hot creamy liquid and they will be perfect.
  3. Stock up on your favorite drinks now! Right now in October your favorite wine, wine coolers, beers and spirits are in full stock. By them now before Halloween so that when the HallowThankMas new year rolls up on you, you are not experiencing stressful shipping delays or crowds in the liquor store.
  4. Cold Appetizers- charcuterie boards, fruit bowls and crostini’s with spreads and olives, perfect for the holiday, You can make it Tuesday, put it in your fridge take it out an hour before you serve it and it will keep people out of kitchen while you are focused on your turkeys and everything else!

Alright readers, I will be back next week providing you all with recipes to make the season easier for you and your planning!

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