Early Holiday Planning pt 2

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If you are reading this in real time, there is only 17 days until Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. I realize many of us find this time of year stressful and overwhelming. If you feel this way keep reading and let me share some more professional tips of preparing for large cooking days. Take a look at Early holiday planingg pt 1 for ideas on desserts, potatoes, and appetizers.

Turkey Prep- Brine your turkey. Your turkey should be sitting in brine 2 days before your cook it. Yes Monday night make your brine, soak it until Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night, season your turkey and leave it seasoning over night. This way your turkey is ready to be placed in the oven as soon as you wake up the next day. Getting your turkey cooked early is a great strategy. You can easily lower the temp of your oven to 200 and keep all your food warm until your are ready to serve.

Gravy- if your turkey is done early you actually have time to make a turkey gravy from the fallen juices of your turkey pan. Which you will have plenty of since your brined your turkey!

Shocked/Blanched Vegetables- if you are making simple vegetable sides like green beans or broccoli or whatever your families favorites are, here is an easy tip. Boil water with salt and olive oil once the water is boiling dump the raw veggies in the boiling water for about 2 minutes. Take them out and put them too cool. On Thanksgiving day, you can take those shocked veggies and just add a little finishing salt and black pepper, let them sit in the warming oven for up too 2 hours. They will taste amazing and fresh with gravy or sauce.

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