It’s all Gravy Baby!

Hello Readers, and happy Monday!

Tis the season to make gravy. Yummy, rich, flavorful gravy that will make everyone happy…well except for our gluten free friends (sorry guys you will get a fun recipe next week).

I want to share with you all a foundational recipe. Something that I learned in culinary school, and can be applied to all types of gravies you make moving forward. If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you!

Let’s start with the foundation of any good sauce, a roux.

A roux is a a thickening agent that adds flavor. Yes you can use something like cornstarch, or arrowroot, but neither of these will add depth of flavor and when making a gravy I suggest adding as much flavor as possible. A classic roux will get the job done.

Make a classic roux

  • 2 tbsp of fat ( butter, chicken fat, bacon fat, beef fat, duck fat, olive oil, coconut oil)
  • 2 tbsp of flour, mixed with 1tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of black pepper
  • Melt fat and whisk in flour gently. Keep whisking until the mixture turns a golden brown.


  1. After you have made your roux, you will then add one cup of vegetables and meat. For example if you are making a mushroom gravy, I would add in mushrooms and onions. If you are making a Turkey gravy I would add in onions and turkey bits. This is also a great time to add 1tbsp of DRIED herbs.
  2. Cook this for about 3 minutes on medium -low heat.
  3. Next take your whisk again, start gently mixing everything in your pot and add in 1 .1/2 cups stock. Your stock should match the protein you will be serving it over (if you are doing a mushrooms- use vegetable stock, turkey use turkey stock).
  4. Whisk intensely for about a minute to make sure everything is incorporated.
  5. Let simmer for about 5 mins. This is the ideal time to add 1 TSP fresh herbs. ( the longer you let it cook the more it will thicken)
  6. Take off heat and serve warm.

Alright readers I hope this helps you make the best gravy for this holiday season! Tell me how it went below or on social media.

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All right readers! I am back in the blogging groove and can’t wait to share more with you.

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