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Holiday Season 2020

Hello Readers and happy Monday!

This holiday season is going to be different, and with those differences, we should also make some adjustments to how we eat and drink.

Below is an excerpt from our Newsletter talking about local wines and the top three I recommend for this holiday season.

“One thing I NEVER bought local, was wine.

Having worked in a wine store and being a student of wine (currently studying for my wine exams, will keep you updated when I pass 😊!) Local wines, as in wines from the east coast USA is not something any wine aficionada would ever consider. Me, with my ever-developing bourgeoisie taste, followed in suit, by only consuming US wines from either Oregon, California, or Washington state. Any other wine consumed would only come from the “old world”.

Want to know something funny though?

Europeans (the old world people) ONLY consume wines from their regions. This means a person who lives in the Burgundy region of France, will 9x out of 10 spend their euros on a wine from Burgundy. Only purchasing a wine from a different region when impressing company from that place”.

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