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Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

Today is an exciting day! The launch of the Culinary Cauldron!

My intention for The Culinary Cauldron is to make cooking accessible. I believe cooking is one of the first introductions to human creativity. When we are small, we remember signing along to our favorite cartoons, playing with toys and other neighborhood kids, finger painting, and cooking with loved ones during special holidays and celebrations.

I believe that cooking is natural. It is something that every human being can do. It is a simple way for you to express yourself on a daily basis. So many of us spend our days in front of screens watching other’s create. Well, it’s time for you to create.

Get your apron, get your water, put on some music, meet me in the kitchen and let’s cook.



You can find the link to my Patreon page where the The Culinary Cauldron is currently being hosted  here

The Culinary Cauldron

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