Lunch Break with Mayari and Jill

Hello Readers!

I have missed you. I hope you all are doing well and have been able to enjoy the sunlight we have been receiving here in the Northeast of the U.S.  Birds tweeting, pollen making me sneeze at an alarming rate and fresh strawberries and dandelion greens ready to be made into a salad. Spring is here and with it comes a fresh perspective on food and life.  I think we we are all ready for some tweaking in our lives, whether that be in our eating habits, exercise routines ( or lack there of- no shade I am also in process to actually start using my muscles again) or a new way of thinking. Let the season show you where true fertile ground is for the new way and the air gently guide you into a new life.

On May 28th 2021 an amazingly talented friend of mine Jill Vroman  and I will be hosting a fun  free zoom class. Jill will be speaking on simple tools to help us understand our digestion from an ayurvedic perspective and I will showing a a quick 10 minute lunch recipe! You can check out the event on Facebook to learn more and join us live!

I hope to see you next week, but if not no worries, you can catch it on The Culinary Cauldron on Patreon after the event and watch it whenever you want!

Ok readers, that is all for today but I will be back next week with some fun food stuff!


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