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Does the idea of meal prepping sound wonderful for you but finding the time to actually do the shopping and cooking elude you. Or maybe you get take out about 5 times a week or so because it’s just a little too much to plan out your meals with everything else you need to do?

Well I would love to help you.

I prepare meals for families and individuals, wholesome alternatives to what you may find on a typical take out menu. My menu changes every other month, is seasonal and  offers options for vegetarians, meat lovers and everyone in between! We offer bundles of 5 meals a week per month, 7 meals a week per month, and 14 meals a week per month! Check out the current menu here and if you would like to learn more you can contact me here!

Arugula and barley salad

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Hello everyone! I am the chef owner of Mayari's Voyage: Private chef & Small events services. Head over to the booking page for an appointment or check out unique recipes on the blog! Cheers!

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