Summer appreciation featuring peaches and meals

Hello Readers!

It has been a almost a month since I have written to you and I am sorry- your girl has been BUSY!

Today will be short as I want to share with you photos of the current menu and briefly express my love for peaches. Sweet, fresh and juicy describe the perfectly ripe peaches that are currently in season here in New England. They make amazing sauces; surprisingly, their sweetness goes well with deep umami like beef and mushrooms.. Yes, they are definitely fresh and fruity, but they also have a little bite to them at the end and love being paired with butters and fat.  It sounds odd at first, but after for you try it I am positive your mind will change. For our July and August menu I decided to highlight these beauties in their season  in a variety of ways like sauces and in salads.

Here are the photos from this seasons menu!

Mediterranean salad
Summer peach caprese
Beet bowl
available for purchase this month!
Steak Kebab with peach steak sauce

Alright folks,

I will be back next week for our regularly scheduled recipe sharing!


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