Well then, let it snow, rain or sleet.

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! Heads’ up, today’s post is totally unrelated to food but all about holiday spirit. This morning I turned off my alarm, refused to get out of bed and drank coffee instead of my usual tea. I thought to myself, why am I so tired and played my inner drill sergeantContinue reading “Well then, let it snow, rain or sleet.”

Maple Mustard Chicken

Hello Readers! Hope you all are staying warm and beginning to enjoy the holiday season! Today I wanted to share a recipe for my maple mustard chicken. If you like honey mustard than this recipe is up your alley. Maple Mustard Baked Chicken Ingredients 1/4 cup olive oil 1/3 cup of yellow mustard 1/3 cupContinue reading “Maple Mustard Chicken”

Turkey day leftovers

Hello Readers, and happy Thursday! If you are reading this in real time, you have had those turkey day left overs in your fridge for exactly 7 days. Now hopefully you have frozen most of them but if not its ok today I will share some ideas for you to repackage those leftovers into dinnerContinue reading “Turkey day leftovers”


The Holiday rush has begun, and we here at Mayari’s Voyage have thrown our hat in the ring! Realizing this holiday season will be spent differently than others we created a fun holiday activity for you to do with your loved ones. Our holiday Gingerbread DIY boxes are the perfect solution for entertainment on ChristmasContinue reading “Gingerbread”

Local Wines

Holiday Season 2020 Hello Readers and happy Monday! This holiday season is going to be different, and with those differences, we should also make some adjustments to how we eat and drink. Below is an excerpt from our Newsletter talking about local wines and the top three I recommend for this holiday season. “One thingContinue reading “Local Wines”

It’s all Gravy Baby!

Hello Readers, and happy Monday! Tis the season to make gravy. Yummy, rich, flavorful gravy that will make everyone happy…well except for our gluten free friends (sorry guys you will get a fun recipe next week). I want to share with you all a foundational recipe. Something that I learned in culinary school, and canContinue reading “It’s all Gravy Baby!”

Side Dish Sale

Mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and salted caramel apple galettes…yes Thanksgiving and all its glorious flavors are here! If you would like some help with dinner this year, let us make the side dishes and a special dessert for you! You can check out the menu and place an order here. Talk to you next weekContinue reading “Side Dish Sale”

Early Holiday Planning pt 2

Happy Monday Readers, If you are reading this in real time, there is only 17 days until Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. I realize many of us find this time of year stressful and overwhelming. If you feel this way keep reading and let me share some more professional tips of preparing for large cookingContinue reading “Early Holiday Planning pt 2”

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