Farm adventures 2

Here are the finished products from the farm adventures I had last month. The top left dish is tabbouleh made with parsley (currently in season in New england). Next, we have a plate that encompassed all of the dishes from the rest of the night. A baked chicken topped with seasonal berry compote. Patty pan squash stuffed with ratatouille. Beet and tomato gazpacho. And for dessert sweet biscuit with fresh whipped cream and fresh peaches with basil water.

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Kitchen Confidence

Hi readers!

Today I would like to tell you about my upcoming Cooking foundations class! We will be diving into the different cooking styles, when to use them, and making a delicious meal!

You can sign up here at the Assabet website, type in cooking foundations in the keyword search or by returning your registration form in the mail which can be found at the back of the fall flyer.

Bubbling cheese ….mmmm

Hope to see you there!


Farm Adventures

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to tour the local Nourse Farm! Currently they are offering pick your own raspberries and flowers, I would highly recommend checking them out!

During our tour I got to see all of the beautiful plants, grounds and horses. The space is inspiring, peaceful, and the employees of Nourse Farm are incredibly sweet. Below are some images of the farm!

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Blackberries ripening on the vine
Peppers ready for cooking!
Pumpkins getting ready for October!
Views of Nourse Farm

Pass me the Patty Pan

Hello Readers and happy Wednesday!

Have you ever heard of patty pan squash? (Pause here to say that 10x as fast as you can) I did not until a very recent /amazing event with a local farm (more on that next time). Patty pan squash is a summertime variety known for its funky shape and is being harvested now in New England.

When ripe, the patty pan has a stronger squash flavor than the common green and yellow zucchini. When roasted, baked, or sauteed the squash does releases a lot of water, so when you are cooking it, make sure you add extra seasoning as it will get watered down by all the natural juice it releases.

If you are thinking about stuffing and roasting the patty pan ( highly recommended by the way) it will only take about 15 to 20 mins if hollowed out at 400F.

Recently I baked the patty pan with red apples, cumin, paprika, salt pepper and olive oil, it came out really yummy! But as I mentioned before make sure you add extra seasoning as it releases tons of liquid!

Comment below if you cook with patty pan this week!

Until next time!


Classes Available!

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday!

I am beyond excited to let you know that I will be teaching classes titled Kitchen Confidence, at Assabet After Dark. Below are the courses descriptions and links if you are interested in learning cooking basics, having fun, and being more confident in the kitchen!

September 30, 2019- Knife Skills

October 7, 2019 –Cooking Foundations

October 21, 2019- Stocks and sauces

October 28, 2019 – Baking

Feel free to contact me, Mayari via the website or social media with any questions!

Until next time!

meal prep

Back to School

With Back to School comes back to the daily grind, scheduling and the planning of dinner. Mayari’s Voyage is here and ready to help!

We have created select menu to help families who want to enjoy healthy, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. We are offering a select menu that will cover 2 nights worth of dinners for your and your family of 4,5,6 and 8.

Click on the link below to download the menu and see the price options!

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