Early Holiday Planner Part 1

Happy Monday! Have you already started thinking about the holiday season? Are you already stressed planning out Thanksgiving dinner? Let us help you! Our 3rd annual Thanksgiving Side dish sale begins October 26, 2020 to give you plenty of time to focus on your turkey, table setting and guest list. Now if you plan onContinue reading “Early Holiday Planner Part 1”

Starting to rev up the holiday engines..

Hello Readers! I don’t want to stress you out, but Thanksgiving is around the corner! If you want to spend more time with your family, cooking the turkey (or tofurkey) Let us handle the side dishes for you! We will have all of your favorites including Butternut squash soup, stuffed mushrooms, roasted vegetable medley, bakedContinue reading “Starting to rev up the holiday engines..”

Easy Italian Dressing

Hello readers and Happy Monday! Thinking of what to do with your tomato harvest? Or do you want to eat a little cleaner? Well how about making your own Italian dressing! The good news is that it is very easy. All you need is a blender and the following ingredients: half of a tomato 2Continue reading “Easy Italian Dressing”

Kale and Apples

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday! The image above is of one of our current meal prep menu items. Kale and apples highlights the season with local apples, slightly dehydrated with chopped walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries and microgreens. A great way to start stocking up our bodies with nutrients and minerals as we ( inContinue reading “Kale and Apples”

An Adult Fruit Salad

Hello Readers, Happy Monday! Today’s post is fast, just like this recipe, and is a go to favorite of mine that works for a refreshing weekend treat, weeknight dessert or even for entertaining (whenever we can do that again), and it is my adult fruit salad. Perfect for any night of the week and canContinue reading “An Adult Fruit Salad”

Pork Roulade

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! This week we are talking about roulades. Roulades are a dish that is served in the shape of a roll. Roulades are fun, can be made out of cakes, meats, fish, pretty much anything! They are fun and pretty easy to make so let’s talk about making some! To makeContinue reading “Pork Roulade”

the off week

Hello Readers, Last week was our first “off” week of the vegetarian diet and there are many things I have noticed and wanted to share.. Energy levels- after the first 2 days I noticed that I needed to snack more to keep my focus and energy levels up during the day. I was eating moreContinue reading “the off week”

First week of Tentatively Vegetarian

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! So..first week of vegetarian eating went very well I am happy to say! Went a little off script in terms of sticking to the august calendar I had made previously, however it was easy and simple. I was satisfied wit the portion sizes and felt even tempered. I did notContinue reading “First week of Tentatively Vegetarian”

Linguine and Scallops

This linguine & scallops dish is currently on our summer menu. We proudly make our own chorizo, use Spanish olive oil, and other fresh ingredients. Our sauce depicted is a latin inspired beurre blanc. One of most popular dishes, it is a twist on the classic linguine and clams. If you are interested in orderingContinue reading “Linguine and Scallops”

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