Client testimonial

October is the season of giving thanks for everything from the moment we open our eyes we are thankful to God for letting us see the sunlight and the fall foliage displaying its colors: dark maroon, mustard yellow, bright orange, brown green, ever green and soft almond color on the edges of a big mapleContinue reading “Client testimonial”


Hello Readers and Happy Monday, Today I would like to talk about a traditional middle eastern “croquette” called Kibbeh. It is a hearty dish packed with flavor, and pretty healthy not too mention very satisfying. This was made for a client who wanted to try something out of their comfort zone, nutrient dense and healthy!Continue reading “Kibbeh”

Chicken Piccata

Recently I have had many orders of the classic chicken piccata. This dish is lemony and bright, perfect for bringing to a party or for dinner. It is pretty fast and can be done in about an hour. I decided to share the recipe with you! MEP Chicken breast Flour Salt/pepper Lemons White wine CapersContinue reading “Chicken Piccata”

New Prices

Hello readers and Happy Monday I am very excited to announce that Mayari’s Voyage has new prices for customer’s looking for a prepared meal service. All of the meals are prepared with farm fresh ingredients, locally sourced and include delivery and MA tax. Price and Bundles $14.99/Meal $80/5 Meals $160/10 Meals Thank you so muchContinue reading “New Prices”

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