Kale and Apples

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday! The image above is of one of our current meal prep menu items. Kale and apples highlights the season with local apples, slightly dehydrated with chopped walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries and microgreens. A great way to start stocking up our bodies with nutrients and minerals as we ( inContinue reading “Kale and Apples”

Linguine and Scallops

This linguine & scallops dish is currently on our summer menu. We proudly make our own chorizo, use Spanish olive oil, and other fresh ingredients. Our sauce depicted is a latin inspired beurre blanc. One of most popular dishes, it is a twist on the classic linguine and clams. If you are interested in orderingContinue reading “Linguine and Scallops”

Pork and fennel ragout

This month we made a fun special, pork and fennel ragout with a summer corn succotash. Fennel is abundant this time of year and uniquely pairs with pork and red wine. Stewed low and slow for over a half hour, this ragout gets served with a corn succotash. Corn, zucchini, pearl onions sourced from localContinue reading “Pork and fennel ragout”

Back to School

With Back to School comes back to the daily grind, scheduling and the planning of dinner. Mayari’s Voyage is here and ready to help! We have created select menu to help families who want to enjoy healthy, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. We are offering a select menu that will cover 2 nights worth ofContinue reading “Back to School”


Hello Readers and Happy Monday, Today I would like to talk about a traditional middle eastern “croquette” called Kibbeh. It is a hearty dish packed with flavor, and pretty healthy not too mention very satisfying. This was made for a client who wanted to try something out of their comfort zone, nutrient dense and healthy!Continue reading “Kibbeh”

Chicken Piccata

Recently I have had many orders of the classic chicken piccata. This dish is lemony and bright, perfect for bringing to a party or for dinner. It is pretty fast and can be done in about an hour. I decided to share the recipe with you! MEP Chicken breast Flour Salt/pepper Lemons White wine CapersContinue reading “Chicken Piccata”

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