The beginning of Autumn

The beginning of Autumn  Hello readers and Happy Monday! Today my thoughts are on the setting summer sun, and how quickly the first half of the year really goes by. We leave our homes, hopefully get a tan, drink some more water and spend needed time outside just being. Just being is an important partContinue reading “The beginning of Autumn”

Summer appreciation featuring peaches and meals

Hello Readers! It has been a almost a month since I have written to you and I am sorry- your girl has been BUSY! Today will be short as I want to share with you photos of the current menu and briefly express my love for peaches. Sweet, fresh and juicy describe the perfectly ripeContinue reading “Summer appreciation featuring peaches and meals”

Food Rut, La Cura

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday! Let’s get into it. So over the past few weeks I have been talking to a lot of different people on zooms, and social media who have been saying ” I am in a food rut, do you have any recommendations?” A rut is pattern or behavior repeated so oftenContinue reading “Food Rut, La Cura”

4/20 Food

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! This week we have two  mini celebrations , 4/20 and Earth Day, I like to call it Green Week. Personally, I find it hilarious that these two days are in the same week because most people who enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis are also very much concernedContinue reading “4/20 Food”

Well then, let it snow, rain or sleet.

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! Heads’ up, today’s post is totally unrelated to food but all about holiday spirit. This morning I turned off my alarm, refused to get out of bed and drank coffee instead of my usual tea. I thought to myself, why am I so tired and played my inner drill sergeantContinue reading “Well then, let it snow, rain or sleet.”

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