Prepared Meals Service

Too busy to cook or prepare healthy meals? We’ve got you covered!

Our prepared meals service is Covid-19 friendly. We deliver right to your door with contactless delivery!

If you work all day, there are times you don’t have energy left in the evening to cook dinner.  Or maybe you simply aren’t inspired to cook or have a range of meals you know how to prepare. You want your family to eat healthy meals and not resort to getting take-out or eating processed foods. But what are your options?

Mayari’s Voyage Prepared Meals Services are perfect for busy individuals and families who would like to eat more wholesome, balanced and home-cooked meals instead of opting for the convenience of take-out.

Chef Mayari surpasses that convenience by offering a Prepared Meals Service that provides:

  • A broad menu of meal options that updates seasonally.
  • Meals using ingredients from local farms and food providers, so you know the food is fresh, high quality and supports the local economy.
  • Assistance and advice with meal and menu planning.
  • Personalized food preparation that meets your dietary needs and culinary preferences (for example, low sodium, gluten-free, keto or vegan).
  • Accommodations for allergies to lactose, wheat, nuts, etc. or medically recommended diets.
  • Free delivery of prepared meals to your home with instructions for warming and reheating.
  • Discount pricing for orders of 6 or more meals per week.

With Chef Mayari’s Prepared Meals Service, you have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of meal types:

  • Classic dishes such as Salmon Florentine, Chicken Piccata, Eggplant Lasagna and Latin Steak ¾ all with Mayari’s creative touch.
  • Grain Bowls such as barley with roasted vegetables.
  • Casseroles, multi-layered dishes and meals served family-style.  

Whether you are looking for meals that are more delicious or wholesome, or seeking ways to reduce the stress of weekly meal planning, Chef Mayari takes the time to plan and prepare exactly what your family wants and will make you feel good inside.

Pricing & Bundles

  • $15.25 for all vegetarian, vegan ,chicken, pork, and beef meals.
  • $15.75 for meals with seafood.
  • $16.50 for certain celiac/gluten free meal items.  

Bundles are a one time payment, billed monthly.

  • 5 meals/week per month= $305 + tax
  • 7 meals/week per month= $427 + tax
  • 14 meals/week per month= $854 + tax

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