Give the gift of food

This holiday season give the gift of food! Have you been having a hard time thinking of gift for your extra busy loved one? Do you have a friend who is ready to dedicate more time to their business or work, but is worried about having enough time to cook dinner for their families? Is your sister getting married soon and you want to find a way to ease her load during the planning stage?

A gift certificate to a private chef service may be just the the your loved one needs this holiday holiday season. The gift can be used on a any of our services including meal prep, a private event, or even on a catered event!

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We believe in utilizing local produce and ingredients as much as possible for our services. We want your food to be as nutritious and delicious as it can be. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have and have a joyful holiday season!


Local makes a difference..

Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

As you may know already, especially if you read my blog often I am super passionate about utilizing local ingredients and supporting out local farms. This year I discovered Nourse Farm and since then all of the produce I use for my services is sourced from here. The photos above are russet potato used for the garlic chive mash, and butternut squash used for our vegans butternut squash soup for his years Thanksgiving side dish sale.

The flavor of their products was so naturally rich I was able to use less salt than usual! My advice is to utilize your local farms with whatever ingredients you can until they shut down for the winter. It will make a difference in your cooking, and provide your body with a more nutrient dense fuel!

Thanks for reading, until next time, Cheers!


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October is the season of giving thanks for everything from the moment we open our eyes we are thankful to God for letting us see the sunlight and the fall foliage displaying its colors: dark maroon, mustard yellow, bright orange, brown green, ever green and soft almond color on the edges of a big maple leaf.

The scent of cinnamon, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and all spice welcome the season of giving thanks. Our palate is reminded once again that the great Thanksgiving dinner is near. Pumpkin, squashes of all kinds, broccoli and apples become our staple. As our laborious mothers hand’s become busy and arduous they transform into chemist tasting, testing and modifying recipes we begin to think is there another way to cook this turkey? 

 I recently tasted a home made apple cake that Mayari baked from left over apples from apple picking. My, my, I was happy! Every bite was soft moist and fragrant. Small pieces of juicy and crispy Macintosh apples delighted my olfactory sent. Honestly I thought: “This is going to taste like a fruit cake,” but it didn’t.  In fact I will add this recipe to my family’s thanksgiving dinner. 


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Holiday Party Time!

Looking to host a holiday party at your office or home?

For the holiday season of 2019 Mayari’s Voyage: Private chef & small events services is a great choice! Check out all of our upcoming options below!

Private Holiday Dinner Parties

Currently we are booking for private holiday dinners and have limited availability. Dinners of 9 to 12 guests are served family style. Parties of 8 guests or less can be served family style or plated.

For a menu, or more information please contact us through our contact page.

Holiday Office Parties

If you are looking to host a holiday office party for your small business, we would love to prepare a table of treats both savory and sweet for you. We can accommodate offices of up to 20 people.

holiday office party

For a menu, or more information please contact us through our contact page.

Thank you for reading! Next week we will be back with some holiday fun.

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Sugar Cookies

Hello Readers and Happy Tuesday!

Tis the season of sweets, left over candies, and cookies!

Some of my favorite cookies to make are sugar cookies. They are versatile, easy to gift to others and the dough can be refrigerated for up to a week; making sugar cookies a great cookie to have on hand.

Sugar cookies can easily be infused with more flavor by adding spices, and citrus zests. The cookies below were rolled in cinnamon sugar adding warmth to these buttery favorites.

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Thanksgiving Side Dish sale 2019

Let Mayari’s Voyage: Private chef & small events services make this holiday season a breeze!

We will make your side dishes and appetizers so you can focus on your guests and making the turkey!

All of our ingredients are sourced locally to ensure you are receiving the highest quality produce and products of the season.

Click here to check out the menu and if you have any questions please reach out by using the contact us page!