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Coconut dessert

This coconut dessert is made with 4 basic ingredients (and is gluten free): sugar, egg whites, vanilla and shredded coconut.  A great treat to keep guets entertained.  How do we make this dessert?coconut macaroon3991214011306335899..jpg

First, add two drops of vanilla to the egg whites. Next, beat the egg whites until soft peaks  form (or that it looks like fluff).  Slowly add in the sugar as you continue to beat the egg whites creating a meringue. The last ingredient to add to the batter is the shredded coconut. Once added in with the rest of the mixture one can either make by hand or use and ice cream to form the macarron balls. 20181105_1802121581060089330051647.jpg

Now that the macaroons are formed put them on a cookie sheet that is lined with wax paper  and bake them for20 to  25 minutes at 325 degrees farenheit. The macaroons should be soft, not too chewy, and their color should be a golden honey brown. Now they are ready to eat.

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kraving killer shake

Peanut butter, pea protein powder, banana, toasted coconut, hemp seeds and Greek vanilla yogurt.

I am a huge fan of shakes and smoothies. As a sugar lover sometimes the super green shake just does not do it for me. So, the solution is the peanut butter, banana, toasted coconut, and hemp seed shake. It’s delicious and curbs every craving for a good 2- 3 hours. If you are trying to control yourself from eating all of the reese’s  pieces, Hershey’s and twix just to name a few like I am tonight, I would definitely give this a shot!

Happy Halloween!

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Green Bean Salad

This past weekend I had the pleasure to cater a wedding! One of the side dishes I made was a cold green bean salad  served with a lemon vinaigrette and golden/red grape tomato. This was great as a cold side dish to add some texture and flavor contrast to the deep, rich, fall  flavors from the rest of the menu.

To make this plate:

All you need to do is shock the green beans ( add them into boiling water for about 5 mins take them out and place them in ice water)

Make a lemon Vinaigrette

Slice grape tomatos in half

Sprinkle lemon zest on top of salad and mix together.

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to people about eating locally, seasonally, and sustainably. Eating what is in season and grown near by your home is one of the many ways we can help our bodies get the proper nourishment it needs through the year. My company only uses locally grown food from the abundance of farms here in MA, and the menu rotates every season and in accordance to what is available.I am passionate about feeding people nourishing meals appropriate to the season so that they get the most of the out of the dining experience. Even if you only eat with me once, your body will be able to hold on to the nutrients longer! If you read this entire paragraph you are a bo$$ and I am truly grateful! Please consider eating more seasonal produce help your farmers and your body 💚

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