Tray Bake

Hello Readers, and happy Monday! Today we are making our lives simple with sheet tray bakes. This is a default dinner setting for me especially on those lazy days where I don’t feel like doing anything ( cue Bruno Mars song ). I take frozen mixed vegetables, if I feel like chopping up some potatoesContinue reading “Tray Bake”

Let us make dinner for you!

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! We are excited to announce that we have a new home, meaning plenty of space to make meals for you and your family! Here are a couple of pictures of items that are on our current spring menu. If you would like to receive our weekly order forms and beContinue reading “Let us make dinner for you!”

Coconut lime curried chicken

Hello Readers and Happy Monday One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is read other chefs cook books. I found this amazing coconut lime curried chicken recipe in one of Marcus Samuelsson books Marcus off Duty: the recipes I cook at home. If you are interested click here to check outContinue reading “Coconut lime curried chicken”

Chicken Piccata

Recently I have had many orders of the classic chicken piccata. This dish is lemony and bright, perfect for bringing to a party or for dinner. It is pretty fast and can be done in about an hour. I decided to share the recipe with you! MEP Chicken breast Flour Salt/pepper Lemons White wine CapersContinue reading “Chicken Piccata”

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