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October is the season of giving thanks for everything from the moment we open our eyes we are thankful to God for letting us see the sunlight and the fall foliage displaying its colors: dark maroon, mustard yellow, bright orange, brown green, ever green and soft almond color on the edges of a big maple leaf.

The scent of cinnamon, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and all spice welcome the season of giving thanks. Our palate is reminded once again that the great Thanksgiving dinner is near. Pumpkin, squashes of all kinds, broccoli and apples become our staple. As our laborious mothers hand’s become busy and arduous they transform into chemist tasting, testing and modifying recipes we begin to think is there another way to cook this turkey? 

 I recently tasted a home made apple cake that Mayari baked from left over apples from apple picking. My, my, I was happy! Every bite was soft moist and fragrant. Small pieces of juicy and crispy Macintosh apples delighted my olfactory sent. Honestly I thought: “This is going to taste like a fruit cake,” but it didn’t.  In fact I will add this recipe to my family’s thanksgiving dinner. 



Stuffed French Toast

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday,

French toast, a staple at the breakfast/brunch scene and receives other flavors very well. This particular style of French toast was designed to be tart and sweet. To accomplish that I took texas toast with cranberry relish cream cheese filling, using the cranberry relish recipe from a previous post.

Check out the recipe for this French toast on the From my notebook page.

Cream cheese and cranberry relish getting ready to be blended and used as a stuffing.

Cooking the toast

It is done!
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New Prices

Hello readers and Happy Monday

I am very excited to announce that Mayari’s Voyage has new prices for customer’s looking for a prepared meal service. All of the meals are prepared with farm fresh ingredients, locally sourced and include delivery and MA tax.

Price and Bundles


$80/5 Meals

$160/10 Meals

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, Have a great week!