Food Rut, La Cura

Hello Readers, and Happy Monday! Let’s get into it. So over the past few weeks I have been talking to a lot of different people on zooms, and social media who have been saying ” I am in a food rut, do you have any recommendations?” A rut is pattern or behavior repeated so oftenContinue reading “Food Rut, La Cura”

First week of Tentatively Vegetarian

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! So..first week of vegetarian eating went very well I am happy to say! Went a little off script in terms of sticking to the august calendar I had made previously, however it was easy and simple. I was satisfied wit the portion sizes and felt even tempered. I did notContinue reading “First week of Tentatively Vegetarian”


The other night we made a partially¬† home made pizza. We bought premade dough from our local grocery store and it was so much fun (minus my horrible pizza twirling abilities)! Pizza is a classic that makes everyone happy and does not take too much effort to taste amazing! If any of you have aContinue reading “Pizza”

Recent Event Photos

Hello Readers and Happy Thursday! Here are some photos of a recent birthday party event from this past weekend. On the menu we had Mediterranean pasta salad, turkey cranberry/cheddar/sandwiches, chicken/pesto/mozzarella sandwiches, and pulled pork sandwiches; along with fruit salad, garden salad, veggie shooters, and sweet potato rounds. If you are interested in having us caterContinue reading “Recent Event Photos”

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