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Summer Menu!

Our summer menu is here!

Hello readers, and Happy June! We have released our summer menu and are very excited to be able to source from local farms and business. We have consciously created our menu to highlight local produce and give you healthy, nutrient full meals. If you would like to receive our menu please reach out via the contact page and we will send it to you.

Stay safe and healthy!



Local makes a difference..

Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

As you may know already, especially if you read my blog often I am super passionate about utilizing local ingredients and supporting out local farms. This year I discovered Nourse Farm and since then all of the produce I use for my services is sourced from here. The photos above are russet potato used for the garlic chive mash, and butternut squash used for our vegans butternut squash soup for his years Thanksgiving side dish sale.

The flavor of their products was so naturally rich I was able to use less salt than usual! My advice is to utilize your local farms with whatever ingredients you can until they shut down for the winter. It will make a difference in your cooking, and provide your body with a more nutrient dense fuel!

Thanks for reading, until next time, Cheers!

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Back to School

With Back to School comes back to the daily grind, scheduling and the planning of dinner. Mayari’s Voyage is here and ready to help!

We have created select menu to help families who want to enjoy healthy, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. We are offering a select menu that will cover 2 nights worth of dinners for your and your family of 4,5,6 and 8.

Click on the link below to download the menu and see the price options!

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