the off week

Hello Readers, Last week was our first “off” week of the vegetarian diet and there are many things I have noticed and wanted to share.. Energy levels- after the first 2 days I noticed that I needed to snack more to keep my focus and energy levels up during the day. I was eating moreContinue reading “the off week”

First week of Tentatively Vegetarian

Hello Readers and Happy Monday! So..first week of vegetarian eating went very well I am happy to say! Went a little off script in terms of sticking to the august calendar I had made previously, however it was easy and simple. I was satisfied wit the portion sizes and felt even tempered. I did notContinue reading “First week of Tentatively Vegetarian”

Zucchini “lasagna” rolls

Hello Readers and Happy Monday, I have for you a recipe inspired from a restaurant I used to work for. Slightly time consuming in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it you can whip these out pretty quickly. Great as a meal or as a pull apart party app ( whenever weContinue reading “Zucchini “lasagna” rolls”

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